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Private Wedding Catering - Chef Gerard MarasYour wedding. One of the biggest events of your life – a celebration with friends and family. Everything has to be perfect! The venue, the flowers, the staffing, the planning and the food all need to be perfect. There’s a lot on your plate, before the buffet is even planned.

How does the venue you select relate to the food catered at the reception? Does the beautiful old plantation home or wedding hall you’ve decided on even allow you to decide on your own caterer? Does your wedding planner really understand the logistics for the type of food you want to serve your guests?

There’s so much to consider in contracting a caterer. First and foremost there must be a trust that the food at your very special event will also be very special. So where do you start looking for that perfect food? With a local chef with a standing reputation for excellence!

Gerard Maras has catered some of New Orleans and surrounding areas most beautiful weddings. Gerard does not believe in sending out mass-produced printed menus with pre-determined food selections. Instead, he customizes the menu with the bride (and most times her mother!) to make it unique to your special event. Countless conversations and options are considered before the final menu is set to go. You’ll know Gerard well long before the reception begins!

Unlike most caterers, Gerard prepares the majority of his food on site. The food is made with fresh, local ingredients then beautifully plated and served with plenty of WOW factor. Action stations with fresh pasta cooked to order or perhaps baby lamb chops or tuna grilled before your guests. Whole roasted cochon de lait carved on the buffet, plump Louisiana oysters opened by shuckers. And always a bounty of the freshest local product fills the buffet tables in the form of salads, entrees or soups.

For the finest food prepared simple and fresh, call a chef who has built his reputation on doing just that. Contact Gerard for any of your wedding food questions.

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