New Orleans Cooking Experience

The New Orleans Cooking Experience offer New Orleans locals as well as visitors to our city the opportunity to experience first hand the cooking that has made this city a culinary landmark. Small classes of less than 12 students gather around a beautiful island in the kitchen and watch, listen and learn from the likes of Chef Frank Brightsen, Poppy Tooker, Gerard Maras, Chiqui Collier and Boo Macomber as they prepare New Orleans and Louisiana food. Enjoy a glass of wine or local beer as you take in the secrets and techniques of true Creole and Cajun food.

Then, "dinner is served". On to the dining room where you are served a four course meal that you have watched evolve from fresh products to a completed dish.

Special events for larger groups are welcome, with multiple chefs. Work shops that concentrate on specific foods, such as pasta, desserts or fish offer intense detail and technique for the cooks that really want to "up their game".

Book your spot on the New Orleans Cooking Experience website.

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